Hi Folks!

Hope everyone had a great and safe week!

I just want to touch on an especially important point for us at Zapp - SECURITY!!

From day 1 of our business, we always thought about protecting the data of our customers and providing a secure environment for all transactions on our website. Our IT folks in the office, together with our shopping platform and webhosting company, have been working hard to provide a safe environment to everyone.

That said, last week we took security to the next level!!! We have signed an agreement and hired the services from Trusted Site and McAfee so we could add an extra layer of security. As our business and brand continue to experience high growth, we want to grow in the right way!!

Finally, I want to announce that we will start a big promotion on AirPod Cases in May, as well as some great prices across the board for Mothers Day!!

It can’t get better than that, right?

Enjoy your weekend and shop Zapp-safe!!!!

Nick, Zapp Partner and Chief Everything Officer

April 30, 2021 — Nick Batista

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