Hi Folks!

As we go through this pandemic, we have been learning how to work, study and live our lives in so many ways.

One thing that has become increasingly important is our own personal care, including the use of hand sanitizers, masks, and the cleaning of personal belongings.

On a personal note, I don’t know how much you use and touch your phones every single day. In my case, I take it everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Literally! And I am sure I am not alone! According to researchers (please feel free to google it), an average phone user can touch his/her phone between 2,000 and 3,000 times a day!! Yup, I know! I couldn’t believe it, but it is true!!

Anyway, in our office at Zapp, we are always taking all precautions! That includes using UV Charging Stations! These charging stations are AWESOME! It can recharge your phone and kill all germs in about 6 minutes! How cool…and safe…is that?

Anyway, my tip of the week here, for all our Zapp customers and friends, is to be safe, be cool, and get one of those charging stations! We have them at special price now, and we have dozens of different cool models and colours!

Enjoy your week!

Be safe, be cool, be Zapp!!!!

Vini, Partner and Chief Stuff Officer


April 01, 2021 — Nick

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